June 17, 2017

Between Past and Future

Strawberry on the Edge of Eternity
 Oil painting by Lynn Bonnette
date of work -  2008

Sometimes I see the reflection of my own mortality in the fruit and vegetables that we grow or bring home from the store. I realize that I have only so much time to consume it, or in this case to paint it before it starts the process of changing. The passing of time is a very perplexing thing. A painting of a fruit or vegetable has a longer lifetime, but even with careful archival attention, it too has a finite existence.
The past is a memory and the future is a dream, now is the only place where life exists. Life is a process, it never stands still, it is always changing. This is also true with my art, my subject matter, the way I choose to express myself and the method that I choose to share my art with other people.
That's why I am now in a transitional change period. I will be working on this blog and changing it. I'm not sure about the directions I will be choosing, but I will still be on my journey. 
Thank you so much,  Lynn